We haven't heard much lately about the so-called "espresso machines" that turn manuscripts into bound books.  However, Jason Steger, for the Sydney Morning Herald, reports that Dymocks -- now the largest bookstore chain in Australia -- is adding a publishing arm to its business, designed to entice local authors keen to see their books in print.

It's not quite the same as the "espresso machine," where the author feeds in the data and the required sum of money, and withdraws a book, but it's close.  Dymocks envisage an internet-based operation, run from their website.  To be launched in October, and called "D Publishing," it  will upload a manuscript and turn it into a ''properly laid-out publishable book.''

They also -- and this is the tempting bit -- will offer editing, design, production and printing of finished books for sale at dymocks.com.au.

Costs to the author are still to be announced.