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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dead fish cause big stink

Not exactly Written Word, but I can’t resist passing this on, because it’s so hilarious.

Victoria Ward reported it for the Telegraph. 

Tourist David Copp, 46, was taking a nice family stroll around the docks at Ilfracombe Harbour (Devon, England) when his nostrils were assailed by a nasty smell.

A smell, surprise, surprise, of fish.  Not just fish, but dead fish.  A trawler had just come in from an honest day’s work, fishing.  As evidence, there were twelve crates of fish and crabs on the deck.

He said the sight of all this carnage left his children, aged seven and nine, “quite distressed,” and so he complained to the harbourmaster.

“It’s not the sort of thing you want to see on holiday,” he said.

The harbourmaster, Rob Lawson, tried to introduce Mr. Copp to the reality of making a living as a fisherman, but with little luck.  His suggestion that children with sensitive stomachs shouldn't be taken down to wharves where real fishermen work seems a good one, but it fell on deaf ears. The unhappy Mr. Copp simply took his complaint to the local paper, which printed it (tongue in cheek?), much to the disbelief of Ilfracombe citizens.

What the crew of the trawler, named Lady of Lundy, thought of it is unknown, but the locals were more vocal. “Does he think fish comes in packets?” one demanded.

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