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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Madonna auditions star via Skype

Madonna signs up Australian actress Abbie Cornish after a Skype interview.

In the search for stars for her new period movie W.E., Madonna has turned to modern technology.

Madonna wanted to speak to Cornish personally, but there was a hitch. The pop idol was in NYC, and the actress was in Australia.

“We had a Skype meeting from my mum’s office,” revealed Abbie Cornish, adding that it was one of her life’s most interesting moments. “Three hours later, I got a phone call that I got the gig.”

Her calm demeanor helped – courtesy of the date line. “I was 24 hours early to my meeting because Australia is a day ahead.”

She had been informed that the meeting was on Wednesday at 1pm. She phoned, and lo, in NYC it was Tuesday. “It took a little while until I realized that I was a day early.”

The inadvertent rehearsal was a big help. “I got a lot of the nerves out of the way.”

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