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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Canoes of Kupe revisited

Back in 2012, I posted a couple of times about The Canoes of Kupe, a history of a world-famous wine growing regions that was written by my friend and colleague, Roberta McIntyre, and shortlisted back in 2003 for the New Zealand Book Awards.

This book has been republished, in a new edition that was launched at the Martinborough Wine Centre.

An item in the local Star commemorates the event. Roberta's research, it says, "started in Wellington while she was living in a grand four-storied colonial residence on the Terrace.  She wondered who could have built such a home, which led her to discoveries about John Martin and his life in the region, and in particular the Martinborough area."

As the writer, Amanda Ritchie, concludes, "The Canoes of Kupe has been applauded by long-settled locals and newcomers to the region. It is an accessible and fabulous insight into the place we call home, and acts as a great reminder that there is a richness in New Zealand history that is worth treasuring." 

Well done, Roberta.  It is good to see that great book out in the shops again.

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