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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Elephant Voyages and printed books

At Old Salt Press the hot topic under discussion is how to get our authors' books into print.

And, being Indie authors all working under a cooperative umbrella, it is CreateSpace and Lightning Source that we are exploring.

Novels are complicated enough, but nonfiction is proving quite a challenge. And, as The Elephant Voyage is our first nonfiction publication, I have the job of guinea pig.

With nonfiction, unlike fiction, it is expected to have the book title at the top of every lefthand page, and for each chapter to commence on a righthand page.

This worked out as quite few blank lefthand pages, each one preceding a new chapter.  Being thrifty, I don't like blank pages, so I co-opted Ron, our fine family maritime artist, into producing graphics for me.  And, as the steamers that plied about New Zealand feature large in the developing story, it was decided that he should supply some black and white sketches of these busy little vessels.

And here are a couple, to intrigue and impress you..

1 comment:

Shayne Parkinson said...

I love the illustrations, Joan! What a great use for those blank pages.