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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Penguin Random House

Top honchos worldwide announced

The list is in Publishers Weekly...

But what is in store for people who were top-tier until this merger?

CEO of Penguin Random House worldwide, Markus Dohle, is on a worldwide tour to regional offices, undoubtedly to break good or bad news.

There is a surprise already.  Gabrielle Coyle who was named CEO of Asia-Pacific (including Australia and New Zealand) and Gaurav Shrinagesh, CEO of Penguin Random India, are going to be overseen by the deputy CEO of Penguin Random House U.K., Ian Hudson.

The rest of the list:
John Makinson, formerly Penguin Group chairman, has been named chairman of Penguin Random House.
Coram Williams, formerly CFO of the Penguin Group, will now serve in a dual role as chief financial officer for Penguin Random House in the U.S. and worldwide, and will oversee Random House Studio, the film and TV studio; corporate services; and Penguin Random House’s self-publishing service, Author Solutions.
David Shanks, former CEO of Penguin Group USA, who had already planned to retire at the end of 2013, has stepped down and will now serve as senior executive adviser to Dohle and to the U.S. executive team.
Madeline McIntosh, former COO of Random House U.S., has been appointed president and COO of Penguin Random House U.S., overseeing sales, operations, fulfillment, IT, and digital operations companywide.
Kathy Trager has been named executive v-p and general counsel of Penguin Random House U.S.
Brad Martin, formerly president and CEO of Random House of Canada, is now CEO of Penguin Random House in Canada.
In the U.K., Gail Rebuck has been appointed chair of the Penguin Random House U.K. board and to the Global Penguin Random House board, and she will continue as a member of the Bertelsmann Group Management Committee.
Also in the U.K., Tom Weldon, previously CEO at the Penguin Group U.K., is now CEO for Penguin Random House in the U.K.
Ian Hudson has been named deputy CEO of Penguin Random House U.K., a position he held previously at Random House U.K. In addition, Hudson will also serve as CEO of Penguin Random House International (English-language), overseeing Penguin Random House operations in Australia, New Zealand, India, South Africa, and Asia.
In addition, Nuría Cabutí has been named CEO of the PRH operations in Spain and Latin America, where the company will continue to operate under the name Random House Mondadori. And John Duhigg, CEO of Dorling Kindersley, will be responsible for Dorling Kindersley business worldwide.
Also appointed with global and U.S. responsibilities at Penguin Random House are Frank Steinert, chief human resources officer; Stuart Applebaum, communications; and Milena Alberti, corporate development.

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