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Monday, July 15, 2013

Crime novelist JK Rowling exposed

Author behind pseudonym unveiled

If I blogged about a new crime writer named Robert Galbraith, I bet there would be little interest.

And it's no surprise to find that his debut,  The Cuckoo's Calling sold less than 2,000 copies.

But then, all at once, it was revealed that the actual author was the Harry Potter mega-seller, JK Rowling, and guess what, sales zoomed.

The book, about a war veteran turned private investigator called Cormoran Strike, had sold 1,500 copies before the secret emerged in the Sunday Times. Within hours, it rose more than 5,000 places to top Amazon's sales list.

Cormoran Strike???  Good lord, the choice of a name like that should have alerted everyone that the writer had a whimsical imagination.

From the BBC

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