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Thursday, March 14, 2013

The library where you can drink

The Library at NoMad Hotel

A friend is visiting New York soon, and asked me for ideas of places to go, so I read a New York-themed travel article in the DominionPost with more than usual interest.

The place to go for a "power meeting" is, it seems, a new hotel called "NoMad" (North of Madison Square Park) at 1170 Broadway (Chelsea). "Think Parisian-style rooms and a two-level curated library for that important career tete-a-tete," the writer bubbled.

Say what? A library?  Curated? 

I had to know more about this, so found a site called HotelChatter that told me all about it.

Not for my friend, I fear, though I will certainly recommend a quick and surreptitious peep in the doors. The room prices are 'way high.  I suppose they consider them Parisian.

And as for that library, isn't it gorgeous?  But it's basically a place to drink ... and where the bartender's cocktail of the day is going to set you back fifteen greenbacks.  And if you want a nibble with your bubbly, you are going to pay between $8 and $16 for tiny tapas.  And if you ask for the librarian, he is likely to turn out to be your server.

But what a neat idea, and what fun.


Dale said...

Looks remarkably like the London Library.
Must say I fancy the idea of a library with cocktails, though spillage might cause problems...

Joan Druett said...

I'm told on facebook that there is one in Wellington -- with live music, and rather tatty looking books. In Courtenay Place, on the second floor of one of the buildings. Not quite on the same scale, I imagine.