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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Fly Better

Got your pilot's licence?


But you might want to fly better ...

To my astonishment, my son Lindsay commented on my post about how many books make a bestseller. Lindsay is very clever, and very technical, and also has his pilot's licence. But I don't believe I have ever seen him with a book in his hand that is not a manual. So you can imagine my surprise when he responded to the post, which says that sales of 10,000 makes a literary bestseller. 

What he wanted to tell me was that a set of books he has evidently read avidly have been downloaded by nearly 30,000 people.

The books are the four volumes of Fly Better, by Noel Kruse.  Here is the blurb from Kruse's website:

'Fly Better' is a series of books about how aeroplanes fly and how best to fly them. They are the teachings of Noel Kruse, the creator and Chief Flying Instructor of the 'Sydney Aerobatic School', a unique and widely known advanced flying school, which for 22 years was based in Sydney Australia. The books are available from this website as a free download. They are intended for people who are planning to learn to fly, for Student and Private Pilots who feel they have not been taught about the subject in a way that enables them to really understand it, and for Flight Instructors to better equip them to teach others how to fly properly.

The books are not just a collection of theory lessons or flying technique lectures, each chapter contains Noel's philosophy of flying, which is based upon his personal experiences and adventures over 51 years and almost 18,000 hours in the air, 12,000 of which were engaged in teaching others how to 'fly better'
Interested?  Go onto Kruse's website and hit the links in the lefthand column to download the free books.  Then tell me what you think.

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant. What a great resource. Hours of learning there.