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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Denver's conspiracy theory airport

It's worthy of a James Herbert paranormal novel

Nearly twenty years ago, Denver built a new airport (DIA).  The old one (Stapleton International) was perfectly adequate.  Indeed, it came complete with rabbits.  Denver used to be a hub for international travel, and so we have sat in many planes waiting for our turn for take-off, watching the rabbits play.

But despite this, a new one was built, complete with conspiracy theories.

DigitalBookToday airs them all

Why is DIA built in the shape of a Nazi swastika?

Why is there barbed wire to keep people inside (but not outside)?

Why is death the theme of the terminal's artwork?

Why is there a Freemason capstone in the airport?  The granite monument has “New World Airport Commission” engraved on it ... but the New World Airport Commission doesn't exist.

Is there really a system of tunnels and buildings under the runways? Supposedly, the buildings and tunnels can hold up to 5 million people. Others believe the buildings act as gas chambers or secret areas for executing rebels of the New World Order.

During construction, the laborers were constantly being dismissed. Many believe the architects did not want anyone to be too familiar with layout. Plus, the workers are not allowed to discuss their work.
Queen Elizabeth II and other high-ranking diplomats have purchased tracts of land near DIA.

The intriguing questions come courtesy of a series of articles by Dina Rae the author of The Last Degree.


Jacqueline Simonds said...

Umm, Stapleton was NOT perfectly adequate. It was a 1950/60s airport that had no room for growth in the middle of a city that had completely hemmed it in.The runways were not long wnough for the bigger planes. I used to livequite near it, and the planes had to fly pretty low over houses to get in. Today, Stapleton has been redeveloped into a wonderful new housing area (very muche needed).

I've been to DIA hundreds of times and I'm sorry to tell you that it isn't in any particular conspiratorial shape. The art work is a hodge-podge, it's true. I don't have anything to say about the capstone, as I question the picture entirely. As to the spaces below - 5 major military bases are within 200 miles. If the East Coast were wiped out, Denver would be a good place to put Command and COntrol. Everything else just seems a bit silly.

There are a lot of weird things going on in the U.S. This isn't one of them.

Joan Druett said...

Thank you for the voice of reason! But does DIA have rabbits?

Jacqueline Simonds said...

But of course!

Joan Druett said...

Bravo! Seriously, though, it's a really novel way of publicising a book. I assume it deals with conspiracy theory in some way, as it would otherwise be so pointless. The real mystery is why DBW published the articles. Same reason I wrote the post, I guess - it's a hoot!