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Monday, February 4, 2013

Wiki Coffin cover story in AHMM

Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine features Wiki on the cover

Eighteen-year-old Wiki Coffin is a seaman on a weatherbeaten little brig, Bengal Tiger, in the South China Sea.  Loaded with an explosive cargo of gunpowder and fireworks, the becalmed brig is drifting towards the dragon-haunted island of Komodo when she catches fire.

Which is more life-threatening? Staying on board a vessel that is about to explode to Kingdom Come, or taking the boat to land on an island where poisonous dragons lurk in the spindly thickets, drooling bloody saliva as they await their defenceless prey?

Read the story, and find out how Wiki copes with the horrid dilemma ... and how he solves the mystery of how the fire started, too.

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