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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Robin Hathaway, RIP

Sadly, I heard the news today of the passing of Robin Hathaway.

 Robin was one of the most kind and gentle persons I have ever met, a genuine lady.  She was very supportive, coming to all my New York signings, and keeping in touch when I was far away. She bought my books, too, though I would have happily given them to her. And, she was a very gracious hostess.

She was also a fine mystery writer.  Her first book, The Doctor Digs a Grave, won an Edgar for Best First Mystery, and from there she went from strength of strength.

Her mysteries had a hint of impish humor, and wonderfully eccentric characters. A legacy that she has given the world, which will long outlive her.

My sympathies go to her family, and all her many other friends.

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Elizabeth Zelvin said...

I just heard about Robin too, and I'm shocked and very sad. She was a darling who leaves many friends in the mystery community.