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Friday, February 8, 2013

Hot New Release

The Elephant Voyage an unexpected hit

Blame the Amazon algorithms.

Four or five weeks ago, I released another castaway story, this one about six men who were stranded in a whaleboat off Campbell Island in the subAntarctic after their captain assumed they were dead.

It's an unusual story, because it is not just about the stranding and the five-day struggle to get on shore, followed by a horrible time in a castaway hut while they waited desperately for rescue -- which happened in the nick of time, and by accident. What else is interesting is that after they were eventually carried to New Zealand public outrage at their delayed rescue led by turns to a courtcase, the political embarrassment of the colonial government, and then the involvement of first the American representative in the Court of St James, and then the American President.

However, I have been too busy preparing for another book to promote The Elephant Voyage, so it has been left to market itself.

And now I find that Amazon finds that there is enough interest in the book for them to promote it as a HOT NEW RELEASE.  Hit the link, to see what I mean.

I wonder what will happen next?

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