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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Absolutely, positively Wellington, New Zealand

It's official

It might be windy, the weather might be uncertain, and the infamously steep and winding streets are terrible to drive along, but according to the Dominion Post, Wellingtonians love their city.

A quality-of-life survey has confirmed what we all knew already, that Wellington citizens are happier than their urban brethren elsewhere. It accounts for the smiles you see on people travelling on buses, and the way they regularly thank the driver, even if they are getting off the bus from the back.

In a nutshell, they hold a deep conviction that they are living in a wonderful city. No less than 93% of those surveyed said exactly that.  They also love sharing their city.  Cruise ships are more than welcome, and cruisers can rely on getting advice and help and just plain friendly conversation -- or so the cruisers we have talked to say. According to the survey, Wellingtonians are also remarkably tolerant of diversity. They enjoy their multi-cultural neighbors, particularly in the inner city suburb of Newtown, where cafes and restaurants featuring food from all over the world line the streets, and the passersby are often wearing eye-strikingly unusual dress.

So, go for it, come and visit.  Just expect to see smug and happy looks on the faces of those you meet.

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