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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New tablet from Microsoft?

Microsoft is convening "a major announcement" in Los Angeles at 3:30 local time (or 6:30 Eastern) at a location that will not be unveiled to invited press until some time this morning. (Preliminary invitations went out only last Thursday.)

Publishers Lunch speculates that they will announce a Windows tablet of some kind, and in another guess, reckons that the LA-venue inidcates a strong emphasis on entertainment.

Today's post continues with more speculation based on the sharp eye Publishers Lunch keeps on the ups and downs of the stock market. Barnes & Noble's Nook--in which Microsoft now owns a minority stake--will undoubtedly have at least a presence on a Microsoft tablet, they say, going on to add that from there the extent of the involvement is currently unconfirmed, with some rumors indicating the new tablet could be built in conjunction with Nook's Palo Alto unit.

Barnes & Noble's stock rose briefly on the first news this morning and then dropped after Dow Jones wrote that reports of Barnes & Noble playing a role in the event were "not true at all" and a spokesperson for the bookseller denied they were participating in any way. But shares rose again later in the morning; Nook doesn't have to have a role in the event to gain from a presence on a Microsoft tablet.

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