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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


They've stolen our word

And it has been lost in translation

Michelle Cooke, in the Dominion Post, reports today that the Oxford Dictionary has taken over a Downunder word, and defined it out of existence.

HEAVY METAL MAN: Dave Snell has completed a doctorate research study in bogans.

"Bogan" was included in a list of new word entries Oxford Dictionary issued this month.

For years, as far as New Zealanders and Australians are concerned, bogan has been slang for someone who is working class, listens to heavy metal music, wears jeans and black t-shirts, and could often be spotted with a beer in hand, while enjoying a barbeque with mates.

That's how PhD graduate and bogan researcher Dave Snell (pictured) defines it, but the Oxford Dictionary-people disagree.

According to them, bogan is an Australian and New Zealand informal word, meaning: "A boringly conventional or old-fashioned person."

Say what? 

They also add that it might be "an uncouth or uncultured person".

"As a bogan I'm quite offended at the idea that the definition includes an uncultured person. I think it's just a different culture," said Snell.

"Bogan culture takes a lot of New Zealand culture characteristics. It's almost like New Zealand culture in a concentrated form."

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