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Thursday, June 28, 2012

The cat with the magnetic collar

I was told a highly amusing cat story today

The tale-spinner told me that his cat has a magnetic collar which works the cat flap, theoretically stopping alien cats from invading the house.  The trouble, he said, is that the magnet picks up other things. Such as paper clips.

The cat is a menace when he is typing, as it roams about his desk, gathering a daisy chain of paper clips as it weaves back and forth.  Worse still is when it gets into his wife's dressmaking materials, and picks up an armory of pins.  The pins, it seems, stick to the collar by the head, so the cat ends up with a necklace of protruding prickles hidden in its fur.

I guess that is credible enough.  There are a couple of funny YouTube postings out there, one with a cat stuck to a tuna tin, and another fighting to detach itself from its metal food bowl.

But the tale-spinner was enjoying himself too much, I think -- because the next story was about hearing a lot of cat noise while driving off down the road.  He stopped, he said, and investigated.  And there was his cat stuck by his collar to his metal trailer.

But it was worth a good laugh, even if I didn't believe it.

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