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Monday, June 4, 2012

Diamond Jubilee fun downunder

More than one million rain-soaked people watched the Queen's 1,000-boat Diamond Jubilee pageant weave its way along the Thames, organisers say.

It might have rained on her parade, but at lot of fun was had by many -- including Wellington, apparently.

Working late in the evening, I was interrupted by a ring at the door.  And I opened it, to find ... a leprachaun and a queen in a tinsel crown.

"Hello!" they said.
"Hi," I said, and they waved a bottle of wine at me.
When I started to laugh, the penny dropped.
"We think we might have come to the wrong house," they said.
"I think so, too," said I. "Can I help?"
"No, no," they said, still without a trace of embarrassment, and after a few more politenesses they wandered back into the street.
Last seen, they were busy with their cellphones.
I wish now I had asked them if I could take a photograph.

You can watch highlights of the real celebrations HERE.

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