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Friday, June 17, 2011

Plains radio fm from Christchurch

This Saturday (tomorrow NZST - New Zealand Standard Time, from 10 a.m.) the delightful Ruth Todd speaks with a small selection of women, including yours truly.  How she does it, in the current chaos that is Christchurch, is a matter of wonder, something to be greatly admired.

Runs the blurb on the radio website:

Maritime historian, JOAN DRUETT, brings an "extraordinary genius" to life in her new book, Tupaia, The Remarkable Story of Captain Cook's Polynesian Navigator. Tupaia sailed with Captain Cook from Tahiti, piloted the Endeavour about the south Pacific & was the ship's translator.  He was also a master navigator, a brilliant orator & a most devious politician.  He became one of the ship's most important artists & could justly be called the Pacific's first anthropologist.  Despite all this, Tupaia has never been part of the popular Cook Legend.  Joan Druett certainly sets the record straight.  Highly recommended.

The interview will be released as a podcast.

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