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Friday, June 24, 2011

Harry Potter eBooks on the way

But there will be no sequel.

Reuters reports that the seven Harry Potter blockbusters will be available as eBooks in October.

This was announced by JK Rowling herself, at the launch of a new interactive website that allows young readers to navigate through the magical yarns.

At the same time she broadly hinted that there will be no sequels.

"I have no plans to write another novel," she said. "I'm petty sure I'm done on the novel front.  It was fun while it lasted," she concluded, leaving the word "but" hanging in the air.

She scarcely needs the money (though Spymouse whispers that she has bought a hideaway in Tasmania). The series has sold 400 million copies, and generated a record-breaking movie franchise.


Rick Spilman said...

What is amazing about this deal is that Rowling is effectively setting up her own e-publishing and multimedia venture. Her print publishers are getting a slice of the earnings but probably a small slice (finally getting to know what authors feel like.) Rowling is also cutting out Amazon,B&N and Apple as she is going to sell exclusively through her web portal. She is cutting out the middlemen on both sides of the transaction.

Pretty magical deal all around.

Joan Druett said...

That is fascinating! Thanks.