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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Handy Windows Shortcuts

I guess you already know that if you hit CTRL + F you will get a little search box in the top righthand corner of your screen, and that the whole page -- or document -- will be conscientiously searched for the word or phrase you type into it.

There are other handy shortcuts.

Want to hurry up the YouTube video you are watching?  Or pause it?  Use the numbers on your keyboard.  Pressing 5 will take you halfway, and 9 will take you to the end.  To get to the start, press 0.  Pressing j and l will send it back and forth in ten-second bits. The "seagull" arrows (< and >) will shift it frame by frame.  

Want to lock your computer while you head off for coffee or a comfort stop?  Press the Windows key + L   This prevents malicious use of your computer while you are away, as your password is needed to get it going again.

Are you one of those people who like to liven up everything with emojis?  Pressing Windows + fullstop will bring up the emoji screen.

Want to minimize all screens at once?  Windows + M will shrink most of them.

Doing some large-scale internet browsing?  CTRL + T will bring up a new tab without the bother of moving your mouse.

A quick way to rename a file is to press F2 after clicking on the file.  Again, it saves you shifting the mouse, and is easier on the wrist.

And this is a beauty.  The print screen function can often save part of the screen that you don't want to keep.  In the past, I used to copy it to powerpoint and crop the unwanted bits.  An easier way is to press Windows + shift + S.  This creates a rectangle, which allows you take a screen shot of just the desired area.

To delete whole words, press CTRL + Backspace.

To add the date to a manuscript, press Shift + Alt + D

To add the time, press Shift + Alt + T 

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