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Friday, May 9, 2014

Taniwha in Wellington

Taniwha are fabulous monsters of Maori legend.   Every village and locality has one. Even today, roads are diverted, because they would be crossing a known taniwha site.  A lot of them look like dragons, and a few are known to be eccentric.

Such as the taniwha in Wellington Harbour -- a taniwha that collects propellers

And how do we know it?  Witness today's press release:

The mystery of what is happening to Cook Strait ferry propellers has deepened with a broken propeller discovered on our replacement ferry.

KiwiRail still doesn't know why a propeller fell off the Aratere ferry on November 5.
And the plot deepens with the discovery that one of the blades has fallen off one of the propellers of the replacement ferry, Stena Alegra. 
The state-owned company says the crew of the Stena Alegra noticed a mechanical issue when the ferry was at sea on Thursday.
"When the ferry returned to port in Wellington divers discovered part of one of the ships four propeller blades on one propeller was missing," the company said.
Two of Stena Alegra's sailings on Friday have been cancelled as a safety precaution but the company says passengers and crew were not at risk on Thursday as the ferry has two propellers.
But that propeller-collecting taniwha is still lurking out there in the Heads...

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