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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Topless Terrace

It was a city council blunder

City officials in Wellington, New Zealand, realized that they made a mistake when they installed a street sign. It is supposed to be Torless Terrace NOT Topless Terrace! Ironically, the street sign had been vandalized several times before with people changing the name to Topless Terrace either with tape or paint.

City Council spokesman Richard MacLean said, "The council's usually managed to avoid the temptation. Now we are abreast of the situation we'll do a bit of an investigation and get things fixed to protect the honor of the good people of the lane. We don't want it turning into a tourist attraction or to be overrun by tittering schoolboys."

Now the blunder is being used to support breast cancer awareness.  The sign, hastily removed, is destined for sale on TradeMe (New Zealand's version of eBay), with the money destined for that charity.

And it has also inspired restauranteur Todd Hunter of Leuven, to stage breast cancer awareness breakfasts, all profits also to go to the charity.

And when she handed the sign over to the Wellington Chapter of the New Zealand Breast Awareness Foundation, our mayor, Celia Wade-Brown, bared it all.

Todd was there (complete with huge grin) because he and his wife, Karen (who recently went under treatment for breast cancer) are huge supporters of the Foundation.

"Poor proof-reading provided a huge opportunity for us to support a good cause," said Wade-Brown. "I was happy to turn this spelling boob into a lift for the Breast Cancer Foundation."

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