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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dr Who finale

There are six reasons to watch the finale, according to The Telegraph

ONE: At last we find out the Doctor's real name.  (Isn't that an invasion of the Privacy Act?)

TWO: We find out the real significance of Clara Oswin Oswald, who keeps popping up throughout space and time, then dying. First she was a Dalek, then a Victorian governess-cum-barmaid. Now she’s a modern-day au pair. (My guess is that she is a reincarnation expert.)

THREE: There will be Guest Stars. Alex Kingston as the Doctor’s wise-cracking wife River Song and Richard E Grant (as Doctor Simeon/The Great Intelligence) both return.

FOUR: New Monsters. Show supremo Steven Moffat said he wanted new monsters for the finale. Hence the undertaker-like Whisper Men, who are mysterious and almost faceless creatures, who do ... what? (Personally, I reckon he should pick up the Wooden Tops, mysterious and almost faceless creatures from Victorian children's fiction, which terrified me when I found the book in my grandmother's attic.)

FIVE: It's written by Moffat himself.

SIX: It's the Telegraph critic's last fix for six months.

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