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Tuesday, May 21, 2013



My saga from the old whaling days, A Love of Adventure, will be free on Amazon for a limited time from May 21.

Born at sea and raised on shipboard, adventurous young Abigail Sherman wants nothing more than to be wedded to the ocean for life. Like her mother, a pioneer seafaring woman, Abigail is convinced that her destiny is to be a captain’s wife at sea.

Instead, fate conspires against her. Beset by problems with the British administration in New Zealand, her widowed father packs her off to Puritanical relatives in New Bedford, Massachusetts, to learn proper womanly decorum. Arriving on the same day as the momentous news of the discovery of gold in California, Abigail does her best to conform, despite being involved in the Women’s Rights movement, and a sensational murder trial.

News of her father’s brutal murder drives her into a marriage of convenience with a strongwilled young whaling captain. Her legacy is the ownership of the brig she grew up on, and a puzzling rhyme that may lead to a fortune. But, before she can return to New Zealand to collect, Abigail must outwit the grumbling seamen of her husband’s ship, a mystery murderer, and her own attractive, strangely hostile husband.

When originally brought out (as Abigail), this colorful seafaring saga attracted enthusiastic reviews. “Lots of adventure, a colorful cast of characters, and enough whaling details to provide a first-rate vicarious experience,” wrote Joan Hinkemeyer for Library Journal, while Publishers Weekly applauded, “Excellent characters in full sail amid tangy salt air and creaky timbers offer prime entertainment ... engagingly captures the atmosphere of whalers and their world.”
Now re-published by Old Salt Press, A Love of Adventure now includes an extensive glossary of whaling and sailing terms and words.

 This follows promotions of Rick Spilman's nailbiter Hell Around the Horn, and a Wiki Coffin mystery -- also set off that grim outpost of the world.

To read A Love of Adventure, you do not need a Kindle e-reader. With the free Kindle app, Kindle books are readable on iPads, Blackberries, android tablets, smart phones and desktop and laptop computers.

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