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Monday, May 14, 2012

A Worldwide Audience

Who reads my blog?

It's always educational to come home and check on who has been following The World of the Written Word (with additional frivolous and/or political comment and gossip as the mood takes me).

Well, the hits from my own homeland, New Zealand, are creeping up, but it's still hard work to reach my fellow citizens.  My followers -- and bless you, every one of you -- are overwhelmingly American.

12,774 hits while I was away breaks down into:

United States, 4698
United Kingdom, 948
India, 751
New Zealand, 661
Australia, 552
Russia, 397
Germany 377

And of course there are those uncounted others.

It's a privilege to reach people all over the globe, but there is also a mystery.

What has happened to my fans in Slovenia, who normally feature so prominently?

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