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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Polynesian Voyaging Traditions: symposium

    "The Traditional Science of Voyaging: Setting Our Course For The Future"


The Te Ūnga Mai charitable Trust was formed to commemorate our Voyaging Traditions and First Meetings between theTangata Whenua and Captain Cook and the Endeavour. Te Ūnga Mai has held significant annual events celebrating the first meetings since its formation in 2006.

This year Te Ūnga Mai is holding an event that recognises and celebrates the significance and historical connection between the 2012 Transit of Venus and the Transit of Venus observed by Captain Cook in Tahiti in 1769. It was after the observation that Cook sailed with his crew on the Endeavour and arrived in Aotearoa for the first time.

Sailing from Tahiti with Cook and his crew was Tupaia, a Tahitian of royal blood, highly skilled in traditional celestial navigation and voyaging. Tupaia successfully helped Cook navigate through the unfamiliar and dangerous waters of the South Pacific, eventually arriving in Aotearoa.

Celestial Navigation, Astronomy and Traditional Wayfinding over vast distances across the Pacific Ocean was mastered and practiced by Polynesian Voyagers thousands of years ago.
The Traditional Science of Voyaging is as relevant now as it was then, and it is time to recover and relearn those ancient skills. They are the skills that brought the Tangata Whenua across the pacific to Aotearoa.

Now is the time to perpetuate, and preserve the science, knowledge and practices of traditional sailing, astronomy, navigation, canoe design and construction.
To do so is an investment in the future of our youth and communities, a significant means to enhance cultural, educational and personal development.

To know who you are, you must know where you came from...

The Programme

  • Monday 4th June
    • Aotearoa One | Schools/Public Sail | Celesital Navigation Presentation | 2 x Sails - am/pm
  • Tuesday 5th June
    • Aotearoa One | Schools/Public Sail | Celesital Navigation Presentation | 2 x Sails - am/pm
  • Wednesday 6th June
    • Aotearoa One | TOV Observation Sail | Celesital Navigation Presentation | Sail & Ceremony
  • Thursday 7th June
    • Aotearoa One | Schools/Public Sail | Celesital Navigation Presentation | 2 x Sails - am/pm
  • Friday 8th June
    • Aotearoa One | Schools/Public Sail | Celesital Navigation Presentation | 2 x Sails - am/pm
  • Saturday 9th June
    • Emerald Hotel 4pm - 8pm | 4 Guest Speakers | Public Event

The Symposium

The week will conclude with a Symposium to be held on the 9th June, at the Emerald Hotel in Gisborne, from 4pm to 8pm.

5 Speakers will be presenting at the Symposium

"The Traditional Science of Voyaging
Setting Our Course for the Future"

Tua Pittman | Cook Islands/Tahiti: Voyager & Master Navigator

Jacko Thatcher | Aotearoa: Voyager & Master Navigator

Joan Druett | Aotearoa: Author of "Tupaia: Captain Cooks Polynesian Navigator"

Hoturoa Barclay-Kerr | Aotearoa: Traditional Voyager/ Manager of Te Wananga Aotearoa Voyaging Programme / Chairman of Te Toki Voyaging Trust

Te Aturangi Nepia-Clamp | Aotearoa/Cook Islands: Traditional Voyager & Captain/Master Carver
The Speakers will make a presentation followed by a Question and Answer session.
Refreshments will be served afterwards.
The Sail and Symposium are Free Events.
Public Bookings to sail on 'Aotearoa One' are essential.
The Symposium is by Invitation and Open to the Public
Contact Details:
Te Unga Mai Trust Event Organiser: Eva Nepia-Clamp
mobile: 0210 246 8009
phone: 06 867 7371
skype: eva.nepia.clamp

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