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Friday, May 25, 2012

Guns with patriotic engravings

Believe it or not, there is a gun manufacturer out there that sells guns engraved with famous quotations from the Bill of Rights.

It is the RMK-9CI Pistol.

It boasts about being "snag-free" -- so that it can be drawn quickly without snagging on fabric.  From wherever you might have concealed it. Fashioned, in fact, for a fast draw.

It is made in America from entirely American materials.

It is engraved with "venerated words."

And it is called "Proudly American."

The quaint rationale for this is explained on the manufacturer's website:

In developing the 9C1 pistol and visiting with gun dealers for feedback, we found these small businessmen and gun enthusiasts patriotic and intensely passionate about American Freedoms, Liberty, and our enviable Rights. We also found this group more knowledgeable of our history and of America’s Constitution than average citizens. So much so we were embarrassed over our own ignorance and endeavored to learn more about our history and that document so meticulously constructed by the brightest minds among America’s Founding generation.

It is this evolution that inspired us to engrave the Bill of Rights on the 9C1 handgun, not as some gimmick, but instead to inspire and encourage others as we were so inspired and encouraged.

It is our intent and hope that FMK products perform over the long haul at a high level, not to do disservice to those venerated words

Other "venerated words," according to the website, include famous aphorisms, such as Ted Nugent's "I don't like repeat offenders, I like dead offenders."

According to Andrew Rosenthal, in the opinion pages of the New York Times, Tucker Carlson’s news site, The Daily Caller, has announced that it’s giving away a gun a week until Election Day.

Patriotic gun-toters, take note.

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