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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thunderbird mail

Is there anyone out there who loathes Thunderbird with the same passion that I do?

I found it incredibly slow.  Following advice on the internet, I disabled McAfee scanning -- which I didn't need, anyway, as I already had a McAfee subscription on all devices necessary.  Did it make a jot of difference?  No, it did not.  Many hours of frustration later, I got in touch with the tech guys at McAfee and a kind gentleman who probably lives in India took charge of my computer and did some tweaking.  The program was still scanning attachments, he explained.  And so the mail program was speeded up to something like normal.

But, my mail arrives with no hint of the name or address of the sender.  I find this very uncomfortable.  I like to check the sender before opening mail.  Indeed, it seems the sensible thing to do.

There have been many frustrating hours of trying to fix this.  What I am supposed to do is download an app that tacks the address or name of the sender to the mail to my hard drive, then go to tools/settings/apps and hit "the option button next to the search bar."  But is there an option button next to the search bar?

No, there is not. But there is windows mail on my old laptop. And oh dear me, when I boot up the machine and open windows mail, down the mail comes just as it should, complete with the name or address of the sender.  The relief is indescribable.

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