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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Review of The Unfortunate Isles

Being a fan of Captain Oliver Quintrell, I expected to enjoy this book, which I did. He is a strong, memorable character, easy to empathize with, and seems to project more with every book in the series. 

This, I found, is really two books in one -- the first section deals with a gruesome discovery on a distant beach, and the seizure of Quintrell's officers by a particularly nasty pirate, along with the threat to return and take Quintrell's ship, which is currently helpless, being careened. Quintrell's reaction, and the devious plot he carries out to rescue his men and save his ship is edge-of-the-seat reading, very well done. 

This, however, is not the end of the book, even though it seems logical that it should be. Instead, Muir has more up her sleeve. 

There is a bit of a hiatus, which felt anti-climactic for a little while, but the pace and suspense soon pick up again with another bloody encounter between our hero and the pirate. The book ends with Quintrell picking up his orders from the Admiralty again, promising a great deal more action to come. Readers will be left waiting for the next book in the series with high anticipation.

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