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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

And the lecture

Blue Salon, Taipei International Book Expo

It was definitely strange to see my name in Chinese characters

The introduction is translated for me by my lovely interpreter, Jeff

To my left were my co-panellist, Liao Hongji, and the moderator, who was also one of the translators of the book Tupaia, Richard Chen

Mr. Liao is a Taiwanese fisherman and explorer.  He has circumnavigated Taiwan in a one-man canoe, and his next expedition is to be a drift voyage from the eastern coast of the island.  He tells me that he expects to drift north or south, according to the season.  If he had a sail, he could easily make the Philippines, but he does not expect to do that with a drift voyage.  I can't wait to learn how this modern star navigator fares.

The last slide of the lecture, where I describe how Tupaia sails off on a round-bottom European vessel with square sails and no outrigger. What an adventure for a star navigator of his time!

And finally, all the book signings.

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V.E. Ulett said...

Looks like a delightful, informative lecture session!