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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

World's most beautiful yacht

I looked out the window, and to my surprise I saw a really pretty little ship.  Usually the cruise ships that call into Wellington really dominate the harbor, being such enormous chicken coops, but as you can see this one is smaller than our local ferry.

So I looked it up.  It is called MV Europa, and is billed as the prettiest yacht in the world.  And indeed it is gorgeous.  But could you and I afford a cruise on this lovely little ship?  Speaking for myself, unfortunately, no.

Here is the hype:

MS EUROPA - Your Most Beautiful Yacht In The World

Travelling to the world’s most beautiful destinations on board the EUROPA will be an experience in itself: whether you’re shaking the captain’s hand or going to a dazzling gala evening, enjoy the traditional luxury of a classic cruise in the company of a small group of no more than 400 guests. You can look forward to the highest service and catering standards, which have already been awarded the rating of 5-stars-plus for the fifteenth time in a row by the Berlitz Cruise Guide. You can always rely on our crew who, with their discreet attentiveness and eye for detail, will be happy to fulfil your individual wishes.
Allow yourself time and space for your dream holiday: the well-designed ship and selected extras will make you feel at home anywhere in the world. Relax in luxurious suites and allow us to spoil you in every way while you enjoy ocean views. Our chefs create new, truly delightful gourmet treats every day in four restaurants. You can especially look forward to “Restaurant Dieter Müller”, where the legendary Michelin-starred chef will personally cook for you 70 days a year.
Your destinations will be just as diverse as your discoveries: every year the EUROPA sets sail on its journey around the world. Thanks to its size, you will also have the chance to visit ports that are unreachable by other ships. Wherever possible, the ship’s own Zodiacs will take you where you can experience the highlights along the coasts up close. Get to know the unbeatable comfort of the EUROPA: we offer routes of different lengths every year – from four-day introductory cruises in nearby regions to three-week cruises to fascinating ends of the world. Enjoy all on-board amenities no matter how long your cruise is and experience both exciting and unforgettable moments. Or are you looking for a more exclusive experience? Then come on one of our special-event or special-format cruises and rub shoulders with VIP guests from the world of films, TV and music. These will surely be some of your most memorable cultural moments.
Accompany the EUROPA across the world’s oceans and let us make every minute an extraordinary experience for you: welcome on board the World’s Most Beautiful Yacht!

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