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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Want to be published?

Often the hardest step in building a track record is to get something published.  And writing travel stories is a very good way to do it.  I built up a readership in the early years not with novels or short stories, or even well-accepted non-fiction, but with writing for travel magazines, the inflight magazine for Air New Zealand (then called Pacific Way) being a very good example, though Signature, the magazine of a prominent credit card company, also bought a number of travel articles.

It was great!  Not only was I paid well, but I went on so-called "junkets," where the local tourist department would meet you at the airport bearing gifts, pay for lodging, and take you to a series of nice restaurants, along with all the local museums and so forth, where prominent people like museum directors would be glad to show you around.

Interested?  Well, it is possible to enter this world via an online magazine, which is currently asking for stories.  They don't pay, but they don't charge, either.

 It is

WRITE FOR US, they say, and go on to ask:
Are you an author who would like to get your material out into the market but unable to find a publisher with enough readers to give you some exposure?  We have figured out a win-win solution.
Just write an article for any of our 44 news websites listed below, and submit it using the form below.
It must conform to our basic guidelines, and it must be original content that has not been published elsewhere.
We will do the following:
  1. Post the article for you on the appropriate site
  2. Post a link to the article to our Social Media Network to help build additional traffic to the article
  3. Create an “About the Author” page for you with your headshot, a brief bio, a link to your social media profiles or website, a list of all of the articles that you have posted on any of our sites, and a contact the author form.
You win because we may get you a good amount of exposure, your about the author page gets indexed on the search engines, and you can say that you have been professionally published.
We win because we can provide our regular readers with additional, original content, at no cost except for our time.
Read the rest to find the application form, the guidelines, and the list of sites where they contribute the stories.

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