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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Win the latest Dawlish Chronicle

Exciting competition combined with exciting news

Old Salt Press, that exciting development in fine maritime independent publishing, is on the verge of proudly overseeing the publication of the third in the Dawlish Chronicles series, the as yet unnamed latest adventure of a most unusual naval hero.

Nicholas Dawlish arrived on the historical naval fiction scene with a virtual crash of cannon.  Have a look at my post about the first in the series, Britannia's Wolf, to see what I mean.

This was followed by a second, Britannia's Reach, that could not have been more different in tone and setting, but was a thriller grounded in the same thorough research, with the same sense of being there that only very good writers can convey.

Now the third is on the stocks, and set for the launch.  All it needs is a title.  And the three prospective readers who make the closest guess will be lucky winners.

As author Antoine Vanner explains on his blog, "The title, for now, is “Britannia’s X” – with “X” being undisclosed for now. I’m therefore offering signed copies of the novel to the first three successful guesses as to what “X” stands for."

Clues?  Well, having read a recent draft of the book, I can drop a couple of hints.  The action happens April to November 1881. It begins in the northern Adriatic and then rapidly shifts continents. And American readers are going to like this book, a lot. And, like the first two books, it relies on technical innovation and technical brilliance.

As I said some time ago, Vanner is the Tom Clancy of historical naval fiction.

Send it your entries to before 10 November 2014.


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