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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Fifty-Week Book Tour

Interview with Lincoln Paine.

Sea & Civilization is an outstandingly well-researched, erudite, yet readable book, well deserving of great sales, wonderful reviews, and a lengthy book tour ... but fifty weeks?  "Congratulations!" said I. "And now that you are finally back home," I said, "there must be many memories." (And tips for authors about book tours, too, I thought.)

And, as you will see, Lincoln Paine, author of Sea & Civilization, was incredibly generous with his time.

The Fifty-week book tour

The statistics are impressive.

·         13 readings and signings at bookstores and libraries
·         16 talks and signings at clubs and societies
·         10 lectures at academic and research institutions
·         6 talks at museums and historical societies
·         3 presentations at conferences
·         18 interviews with print, radio and TV journalists (including BBC Radio 3, and NewsTalk 106-108, Dublin

Obviously, this was an intense experience.  So what tips and memories does Lincoln Paine have to share with us?

Follow my blog over the next five days, and find out.

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