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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Never underestimate a pigeon

Some time ago, I was very amused during a train ride from Wellington.  While the train was waiting at the station, someone opened the door ... and a pigeon hopped in.  It didn't seem at all alarmed when the door shut, or even when the train got going with the usual jerk.  Instead, it wandered up and down the car as if it was filling in time.  We passed a couple of stops with no reaction from our feathery passenger, but when the train got to Tawa, it was different. It stepped up to the door, waited for someone to push the open door button, then hopped out, and waddled briskly up the platform, nodding happily to itself.  Obviously, it knew exactly where it was going.

Now, the news of another use of modern contrivances by pigeons has surfaced.  According to the newspaper, pigeons are riding the escalator up to McDonalds, which is on the second floor of a building on Lambton Quay, the "Golden Mile" of Wellington.

And someone has complained about it.  What Maccas is going to do about it remains a mystery, but meanwhile the pigeons ride and fatten.  That lack of exercise surely can't be doing them any good.

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