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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Today's drabble

Today's drabble comes from Sallyann Sack, who also belongs to the Martha's Vineyard writers' group, but says she is "only a summer person."  It has been enormous fun, she says; the people are so warm and friendly (I can vouch for that, too), She returns home to New York soon, and hopes to find a similar group of writers, who maybe will get hooked into this drabble-writing fashion. And I assume that she is not the Sallyann of her story?


Bad Timing

Hot new singer Tony Bennett came to town. Members of The Cleveland Press Teen Board, including Sallyann, interviewed him. The telephone rang that night. It was Bennett’s manager. Tony wanted her to “do the town” with him.  As she excitedly asked parental permission, her father erupted from his chair. Grabbing the telephone, he bellowed his outrage. “She’s only sixteen. Find someone your own age, you cradle snatcher!”  Mortified and furious, Sallyann stormed to her room.

Twenty-five years later, in a Waldorf Astoria elevator, Sallyann again came face to face with Bennett. 

“Hello! Remember me?”

“Do you still want a date?” 

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