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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Franklin expedition ship discovered


Sir John Franklin led the two ships and 129 men in 1845 to chart the Northwest Passage in the Canadian Arctic.

The expedition's disappearance shortly after became one of the great mysteries of the age of Victorian exploration.

After more than 160 years of searching to understand the fate of English explorer Sir John Franklin’s fabled arctic voyage, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced a Canadian team has located one of Franklin’s historic ships and solved one of the world’s greatest archaeological mysteries, informs Parks Canada.

Expedition sonar images from the waters of Victoria Strait, just off King William Island, clearly show the wreckage of a ship on the ocean floor.


Martin Evans said...

There is a brief article about this shipwreck, and the significance of the navigability of the "northwest passage" in the Telegraph:

The article is by Dr Sam Willis, who is appearing increasingly frequently as a maritime historian on TV and in other media.

Joan Druett said...

Thank you! I will look it up. Personally, I think that the discovery, while fascinating, doesn't have much more than curiosity value, as the two ships were so well documented. I wouldn't mind a look at the medical chest, though...

michael jordan said...

It has been a great Canadian story and mystery.Franklin's ships are major part of Canadian history.These ships are taken place nearly 200 years ago.In this one of the ship is missed and found after 160 years.Finding these ships, the Canadian Government started searches since 2008.These Franklin Expedition ships are missed during an 1845 quest for the Northwest Passage.It is too exciting and a big break.Getting more info :