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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Today's drabble

Today's drabble comes from Irwin Pikus, and all the way from the historic island of Martha's Vineyard, in Massachusetts.  Irwin's better half belongs to a writing group that has enthusiastically taken up the challenge to write drabbles. When she told him about it, he set to and dashed off this drabble.  Spymouse whispers that the ladies of the writing group are both impressed and envious.

Remember, a drabble has to be exactly 100 words, and has to convey a strong message or tell a story.  Just playing with words doesn't work....



She rode the enameled ponies in wide sinusoidal circuits created by their up and down motion as the carousel went round and round. Music blared distorted, repetitive melodies.  She beamed a child’s innocent smile – can a smile convey exuberance? When the ride was over she begged for yet another.

Skip forward some twenty-five circlings of the earth about the sun.

Another child, her daughter, now rode the very same carousel, playing the same melodies, tracing congruent trajectories.  The daughter’s face beamed as her mother’s had before.

The scene played out, evidencing yet again the fundamental cyclic nature of life.  

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