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Saturday, August 30, 2014

An author's view of Kindle Unlimited

Thoughts from the author of the Olive Quintrell series.

A guest post from M. C. Muir

While Kindle Unlimited (a promotional venture for e-book sales to avid readers) may not be popular with authors whose books command a good price, I can only commend this latest project from the early results I am getting.

Firstly, though only in it's infancy of several weeks, I am already showing 50% more sales on the US market. 

However, the Kindle Unlimited offer does not appear to apply to the UK market.

These sales, which register as KU/KOLL units on your kindle monthly report, are only available if you are registered with the Kindle SELECT program (this means Amazon has exclusive sales rights to sell your e-books). 

Secondly, my July return shows that these sales were worth $2.24 per book. This is an across-the-board return irrespective of the book's retail price.

For me, as an Indie author, living in Australia, of my books that I retail at US$2.99, I receive 70% or $2.06 each, therefore the KU return of $2.24 is most acceptable. This amount will vary according to the amount of money which flows into the Kindle Unlimited pool - but I can only see it increasing, albeit only slightly.

Worth looking into it you are not already a Kindle Select author.


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