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Monday, August 18, 2014

Advice for travellers

A very old listicle

with advice that is still often strangely relevant...

  • CAUTIONS against Frauds, &c.
    • 1. Don't take too much cash, when you travel.
    • 2. Fasten trunks, &c. behind carriages with chains.
    • 3. Have a witness of the contents of packages sent by waggons, &c.
    • 4. Deliver parcels to book-keepers only, and see them booked.
    • 5. Suffer no stranger to carry any thing for you, nor be seduced into a public-house.
    • 6. Make persons carrying things for you walk before you 
    • 7. Never stop in a croud.
    • 8. Enter the number, &c. of bank-bills, &c. in a book.
    • 9. Ditto, the description of your watch, &c.
    • 10. Never give your watch, &c. into the hands of a stranger.
    • 11. Avoid crouds, and looking at picture-shops.
    • 12. If you drop any thing of value in the street, don't say what it is.
    • 13. Never let your servants deliver things from your house to strangers, without orders
    • 14. Nor take in a parcel that is to be paid for.
    • 15. Take the number of a hackney-coach on entering it, and examine it, when quitting it.
    • 16. Guard against those who bring letters at night.
    • 17. Keep your front parlour windows shut at dusk.
    • 18. Be cautious, when the next house to you is empty, not to leave back-doors or garret-windows open.
    • 19. Take care of your watch and pockets in crouds
    • 20. Suffer no beggars at your door.
    • 21. Don't be imposed on by fictitious distresses.
    • 22. Beware of petty auctions in thoroughfares.
    • 23. Never buy things at a pawn-brokers.
    • 24. Lay out your money with reputable people
    • 25. Be not taken in by money-lenders, borrowers, or customers.
    • 26. Have nothing to do with bills of exchange drawn by strangers.
    • 27. Let no stranger leave a parcel in your shop.
    • 28. Never interfere with people quarelling in the streets.
    • 29. Any one may arrest a felon.
    • 30. Penalties on gambling.
    • 31. Shop-keepers should be on their guard against those who tumble over their goods and don't buy.
    • 32. Buyers should take care shop-keepers do not impose on them.
    • 33. Distrust shop-keepers who profess to sell cheap.
    • 34. Beware of porters at inns.
    • 35. Take care of your hat, &c. in promiscuous companies

From THE London Adviser and Guide: CONTAINING Every INSTRUCTION and INFORMATION useful and necessary to Persons LIVING IN LONDON, AND COMING TO RESIDE THERE; In order to enable them to enjoy Security and Tranquillity, and conduct their Domestic Affairs with Prudence and Economy.TOGETHER WITH AN ABSTRACT Of all those LAWS which regard their Protection against the Frauds, Impositions, Insults and Acci|dents to which they are there liable.
Useful also to Foreigners.Note, This Work treats fully of every Thing on the above Subjects that can be thought of.

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