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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Katherine Mansfield recipe

Katherine Mansfield, New Zealand's iconic author was also, it seems, a keen cook.

Thee Alexander Turnbull Library in Wellington reports that a significant recent acquisition is the last of the Katherine Mansfield material held by the estate of John Middleton Murry.

While a lot of it is writing-related, including previously unread story drafts and letters, there were some intriguing scraps, including handwritten recipes for Orange Souffle and cold-water scones.

And here is the Orange Souffle ...

Grate the rind of one orange, & one lemon, put into saucepan with the juice of each, the yolks of three eggs & half a breakfast cup of sugar, stir this until it becomes the thickness of honey, beat up the whites of eggs to a stiff froth & add to mixture, not letting it boil furiously, just for a few minutes to become well mixed, then turn into dish with or without spoon cake at bottom sopped in sherry wine & raspberry jam, under these final conditions it would be called a party pudding!

Personally, if there was a sherry-soaked sponge at the bottom, I would call it a very fancy trifle.

What is interesting, too, is that it was obviously written down to dictation.  So I wonder about the friend who shared this recipe with her.  Who was she?  And what was the occasion?

Apparently, the recipe was tried out at the 2012 Katherine Mansfield conference, and everyone pronounced it delicious.

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