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Friday, July 11, 2014

Designing a book cover

This morning, this arrived in my inbox, courtesy of Scott Baxter.

An interesting take on the Moby Dick classic, complete with koru whirls, though I am not sure of the provenance.

It led me to explore Moby Dick jackets through the years, which brought up a fascinating site,

Moby Dick: A History in Book Jackets, and Finding a New Design for a New Age:

"A research project highlighting the chronology of Moby Dick book covers, and the process of designing a modern, commercial look for the classic novel."  Three book designers -- Paul McCain, Douglas Clayton, and Linda Prior -- have a look at old covers, analyze font, color, and style, and then design their own versions.

Their thoughts and conclusions encapsulate a very useful guide to Indie authors for designing their own jackets.

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