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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Flight horror stories

Oh dear, it was indeed on Air New Zealand ... number ten in the Travel & Leisure survey ...

Two Air New Zealand pilots were stood down and their cabin crew offered counselling after a frightening mid-air incident on a packed transtasman flight.
The drama unfolded on flight NZ176 between Perth and Auckland on May 21, when the first officer was locked out of the cockpit for two minutes.
The captain did not respond to requests to open the locked door, alarming crew. The pair had apparently fallen out over a take-off delay.
Were they both men, I wonder?

It reminds me of a story . . . and no doubt it does you, too.


Jacqueline Simonds said...

I've never been on a flight where the cockpit crew were fighting. However, I've been on a plane that abruptly took back to the skies just before we landed (there was something on the runway) and once on a plane that dropped a couple thousand feet (and yes, I was standing in the aisle. Can you say weightless?). Robin was once on a PanAm (yeah, decades ago) that got caught in a typhoon over the South China Sea. Rough ride and 4 of the 6 toilets overflowed. Every time I'm on an uneventful flight, I am so overjoyed!

Joan Druett said...

Thank you for that! I was once on a United flight where they urgently called for a doctor. I don't know what happened next, but one of the toilets was permanently locked. When I asked the steward if she thought the person in there was OK, her expression became very strange. She said nothing, just walked away, but I strongly suspect they stowed the body in there.