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Monday, August 5, 2013

More other-worldly advice for girls

More from the Answers to Correspondents column ...

A.D.E.E.G.:-- "Where is your own feminine reserve and dignity? Why do you not tell your friend to show a little more self-respect? It is the man who should seek her acquaintance, not she his. It is he who should be introduced to her, not her to him! She ought to be ashamed of herself for being so forward."

LITTLE SNOWDROP:--"We think that your mother is the right person to settle all such matters, in reference to the attentions of her servants to your father and his guest, not her little girl.  Try to learn how to spell and to write."

A whole episode of Downton Abbey could be written about this!  And here's another one ...

WARWICKSHIRE LASS:--"We advise your asking permission to attend the practising class of the choir of the church you attend, or the singers of a chapel, if not of the Church of England.  Have you named your wish to your mistress?  She might like to hear where and how you spent your fortnightly evening out."

COUNTRY LASS:--"We could not possibly form an opinion as to your qualifications as a child's nurse; but we can do so to your absolute incapacity for teaching children, as your spelling, grammar, and pronunciation (shown by your spelling) are very bad."

BETH H:--"You must obey your father."


ONE IN DOUBT:--"What do you mean by your half-sister?--your father's or mother's daughter by a former marriage? If so, you cannot marry her."

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