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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Recommend an Indie author

The Guardian newspaper poses an interesting challenge

"Welcome to our new series on self-publishing," says the author of this new blog, Hannah Freeman.

And, forthwith, she starts a voyage of discovery of great Indie authors. 

"The format of this series is straightforward: each week we invite a self-published author to complete a Q&A, telling us about their work and giving us a little taster of it. They then nominate the next self-published author to answer our questions - like a daisy chain. If we find that we have a run of pieces from authors writing in the same genre or on the same subject, we will break the chain. This is where you come in. Using the form below, we'd like you to tell us about any great self-published authors you have read and you think deserve more attention. We'll pick the next author from your suggestions. Make sense? I hope so."

Want to recommend an author or a book?  It's easy.  Hit the link, find the form, and fill it out. 

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