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Monday, June 10, 2013


Today, June 10, is the last day of the VividSydney festival, and tonight is the last chance to see the brilliant light displays that have made Sydney magical since 24 May.

And May 24 and 25 were particularly magical for us, as the Pacific Pearl was docked at Circular Quay, to serve as a canvas for one of the amazing light shows. 

From the deck of the ship, we could see patterns play over the Sydney Opera House...

While by taking a stroll down the gangway and around the Quay, wending our way through a thick but very happy and well-behaved, enraptured crowd, we could take in a view of the ever-changing display on the side of our ship... 
To see more, and enjoy the full thrilling ambience, look at their website 
And be sure to look at the images that fans have loaded.
It's the best kaleidoscope around.


Anonymous said...

Fabulous pictures, Joan

Joan Druett said...

Did you look at the website? The pix fans have uploaded onto it make an amazing tapestry of colour. A memorable experience, to say the very lease!