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Friday, March 23, 2012

UK game sales surpass video

Game sales surpassed video in UK, says report
    A gamer picks up a copy of Call of Duty 
    Sales of computer games in the UK have surpassed those of videos for the first time, new figures suggest.

    The Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) said sales of £1.93bn in 2011 made the gaming industry the country's biggest entertainment sector.

    By contrast, sales of DVDs and other video formats totalled £1.80bn, while music pulled in £1.07bn.

    In the first 11 weeks of this year, the ERA said video sales were worth more than two times those of games.

    By comparison over the whole of last year games accounted for 40.2% of the entertainment market, video for 37.6% and music for 22.2%.

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