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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hachette Acquires Enid Blyton

Hachette UK announces it has acquired worldwide rights in the Enid Blyton estate

The mega-publisher has taken over the entire Enid Blyton publishing portfolio (excluding Noddy) from Chorion, for the Hodder Children's imprint of its Hachette Children's Books business.

This includes 800 titles translated into 40 languages. To date over 500 million copies of Enid Blyton books have been sold, outselling any other children's author. Blyton's sales continue to flourish and she remains one of the top 10 most borrowed authors. Many films and TV series have been made and continue to be produced. Hachette has acquired all these and other rights in addition to publishing rights.

The hallmark elements that give Enid Blyton's work enduring appeal to children the world over are friendship, teamwork, fantasy and fun. Her most famous brands include The Famous Five, Secret Seven, Naughtiest Girl, Adventure Series, Enchanted Wood, Faraway Tree, Twins at St Clare's, Malory Towers and Just George.

Marlene Johnson, Managing Director of Hachette Children's Books commented:
'I am absolutely delighted that we have acquired world rights to publish Enid Blyton. Hodder was her original publisher, so it is fitting that her whole portfolio has come home and will now be published and managed under one roof. We will be honouring existing contracts and will be in touch with licensees in due course.

'Children have been reading Enid Blyton for many, many years and the books are held in real affection by generations of families the world over.

'We have great plans for the future. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Famous Five and much-loved illustrators including Quentin Blake, Helen Oxenbury and Emma Chichester Clark have reinterpreted the classic characters for a new generation.'

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(sweetlittle)librarygirl said...

I can still remember just how good it was ti be absorbed in one of Enid Blyton's books, and being hooked on one of her series was even better. I love that kids still love her!!

Joan Druett said...

And it is so reassuring that the Victorian/Edwardian standards of teamwork, cooperation, and comradeship still have appeal. After reading troublingly dark messages in some modern bestselling children's and YA books, Blyton seems so refreshingly innocent and nice.