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Monday, July 18, 2011

Murdock challenged to break up his empire

Media mogul faces calls to dismantle his media operation.

Despite issuing a second public apology for the phone-hacking scandal, Rupert Murdock has been challenged to break up his British media empire. UK opposition leader Ed Miliband, jumping on the bandwagon, has called for new ownership laws that would remake the British media game.

Meanwhile, Britain’s top police officer is under pressure concerning his close links with Murdock’s executives, adding to the storm of allegations concerning the Aussie-born magnate’s influence in the corridors of power.

Miliband told The Observer that politicians should take careful note, saying, “I think it’s unhealthy because that amount of power in one person’s hands has clearly led to abuses of power within his organisation.”

Undoubtedly, the ramifications are going to hark all the way back to events leading up to the ultimately disastrous British-US-led invasion of Iraq.

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